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    Valuation services, Due diligence services, Transaction services, Strategic advisory services, Business performance services, Investment advisory services, Insolvency & restructuring services, IT services.

    Consilue: Services by interest group

    Advisory services for MANAGERS
    We offer managers full support in the process of value maximization through key value drivers – the improvement of operations, optimization of investments in fixed assets and working capital and minimization of risks.
    Advisory services for SHAREHOLDERS
    We advise shareholders how to set up a corporate governance system that aligns various interests and is a prerequisite for maximizing the value.
    Advisory services for INDIVIDUALS
    We support individuals in the process of making informed decisions.

    Consilue awards: Value increase of the year 2014

    Company: Sopi d.o.o.
    Industry: Plastic packaging
    Status: Niche player

    Sales growth (2012): 22% (last publicly available data)
    EBITDA margin (2012): 20% (last publicly available data)

    The company has been awarded due to the marketing & sales excellence, R&D excellence, lean operations, management & organization.

    A network of partners supports our innovative business model and allows us to focus on our capabilities. Reaching high growth rates requires to efficiently distribute resources and control the risks related. The ideas and principles that we practice are promoted by Consilue.

    - CEO, Blaž HOSTNIK

    In an industry full of advisors,

    we are a partner.

    We unite creative and dedicated experts and help clients driving success in the long run.